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Picnic Style Tables
Available in Four Man, Six Man, and Eight Man
MD-124-8/Modern Detention Equipment
  • Size of six (6) man unit to be 7’-4” x 5’-4” with table height of 30”. Tabletop to be 5’-4” x 3’-4” and seat top to be 10” x 15”. Corners of Table top shall have a 12” continuos radius.
  • Table tops and seats to be smooth, true, level, and free of sharp edges.
  • Top and seats to be 14 Ga. type 304 Stainless Steel with a #4 finish.
  • Reinforcement plate of top shall have flanges on all four sides with radius corners to provide 100% coverage of stainless steel top. ¼” x 1 ½” bar is used to provide additional support to the table top. A sound dampening material is used between the stainless steel top and the reinforcement plate.
  • Stainless steel seats shall be reinforced with 12 Ga. steel drawn to a depth of 1” to fit total inside contour of seat top. Reinforcement plate shall be welded to the stainless steel seat top.
  • Support frame of table shall be 3” x 3” x 3/16” tubing and be located in such a way that a person sitting at the table does not straddle the seat support. Support structure of table shall include four (4) legs, one beneath each seat, to eliminate tension on floor fasteners.
  • Stainless steel mounting pads, pre-drilled with one (1) hole, shall be located at the base of each leg for mounting the unit to the floor.
  • One-piece, welded assembly, all welds neatly finished.

  • All mild steel shall receive one (1) shop coat of rust-inhibitive metal primer. Field finish paint, color as selected by architect. Stainless steel table top and bench tops available.