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Floor Mount Bench (Church Bench)
B-1500/Modern Detention Equipment
  • Bench shall be fabricated from type 304 stainless steel, #4 Finish
  • Bench shall measure 14 ½” in depth of seat and shall have a back support height of 15”. A radius of 7/8” shall be displayed at front lip, inside of seat, and top edge of back.
  • Seat shall have an incline graduating toward back of seat and back support maintaining a uniform appearance in contour of seat back.
  • Back support shall have a 3 ½” flange across top and flange down 1 ½” for additional strength.
  • Support frame shall be fabricated from mild steel. Support structure shall be able to support 1500 pounds on an 8’ section and shall no signs of distortion in seat structure. Seat shall be attached to support legs with stainless steel rivets and tamper resistant button head security screws.

  • All mild steel shall receive one (1) shop coat of rust-inhibitive metal primer. Field finish paint, color as selected by architect.